Mikhail Matytsin — General Director

More than 17 years in communication consulting.

Managerial experience and years long consulting practice in the sphere of strategic communications, government relations, corporate and political PR in leading Russian communication agencies (Center of Political Consulting Niccolo M, Investment Communications Agency Primum Mobile).

Long experience of management of communication subdivisions of major Russian industrial companies and banks with terms of reference including external and internal communications, government relations, anti-crisis communication management programs, corporate social responsibility and charity.

Management (at the start up stage, in 2002-2004) of a largest international award, Global Energy Prize, initiated by the President of the Russian Federation with an extensive experience of coordination of all international and national activities under the project including engagement of federal authorities of Russia, flagship international power companies, leading world scientists.

M.Matytsin is one of founders of ‘Interaction’ Reform-Club - a key professional communication platform in the first half of 90-ies established for the purpose of an efficient exchange of opinions and professional economic discussion of the team of reformers of the Russian government, biggest entrepreneurs, heads of leading scientific centres and economic observers of central mass-media. Many years of scientific practice in the field of international economic relations. Ph.D. (Economics) (1987).

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