The Agency renders consultation services in the field of communications with state authorities and governmental bodies of all levels, with the expert community and public opinion leaders. Agency’s activity is primarily focused on providing an efficient support to Russian and foreign companies and nonprofit institutions implementing their projects in Russia both on the federal and on the regional level.

The main services of R&P Agency include:

  • Design and implementation of corporate affairs and government relations strategies for specific Client or its Project
  • Representing clients interests with Stakeholders and institutions
  • Top-level meeting organization
  • GR assistance to necessary legislative or regulatory change with relevant balance between Client and Public interests
  • GR support to Client marketing of services and goods, guidance through all steps of market entry
  • Design of strategies and assistance of tactics to align corporate behavior with stakeholder expectations and vice versa
  • Tracking, analysis and advice on legislation and regulatory changes
  • Public policy research and economic analysis and advice
  • Tax and tariffs negotiations with Federal and regional authorities
  • GR assistance to resolution of tax claims and disputes
  • Aid in obtaining licenses and permits, assistance in the elimination or modification of trade barriers
  • Other services within structured and transparent legal GR support to the Client.
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