April 26, 2012 Vedomosti published copyright holders appeal to the leadership of Russia on the issue of IP protection.


The appeal is coincided with the World Intellectual Property Protection Day and State Duma’s first reading on amendments to the Parts 1-4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The appeal was prepared with the direct participation of the consulting agency “Rumyantsev and partners”. The text of the appeal is found below.



18 April 2012

To the President of the Russian Federation

To the Chairman of the Government
of the Russian Federation
Vladimir PUTIN

To the Chairman of State Duma

In order to solve the fundamental problem of economic modernization and development of culture in Russia it is necessary to change principally our attitude to intellectual property by placing a priority to the interest of those who are directly involved in the process of its creation and commercialization.

Today the Internet becomes not just a tool of communication but a widely used vehicle for publication of objects which are protected by intellectual property rights. File-sharing services are almost entirely used for the illegal use of production protected by copyright. Besides, on social networks the usage of such production constitutes more than 60% of the total.

That has serious negative consequences for Russian film industry, TV-broadcasting, music industry, software, book publishing, science and education undermining the economic basis of their normal functioning and further development which leads to a reduction of investment attractiveness of this sector.

Mass piracy threatens long-term goals to promote creativity and cultural development in our country. Furthermore, there is a danger of public morality’s erosion.

December 16, 2011 a formal protocol on Russia’s accession to the WTO was signed. Adoption and enforcement of the WTO’s rules might contribute to a predictable and comfortable business climate in the country only under special laws which allow application of general principles on copyright protection in the digital environment.

However, this requires the political will of Russian leadership.

We express our concern about the concept of the amendments to Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation which was recently introduced to State Duma. The provisions on use and protection of intellectual property largely ignore the position of our industries though it was brought to notice of document’s drafters. Unfortunately, the experience and expertise of copyrighters were largely ignored during the work on the bill.

One has to acknowledge that if the current approaches to the protection of intellectual property and related rights stay the same the very development of these industries are questioned. This may lead to disastrous consequences for our society.

We believe it necessary to conduct further work on the text of the new Civil Code of the Russian Federation and to develop specific industry legislation which will take into account copyrighters’ position.

Our proposals to the federal law draft will be submitted to you. We count on your help and assistance regarding such an important issue for copyrighters and the whole country.

Director of the National Federation of Phonograms

L. Agronov

Rector of the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property


President of the Russian Guild of Film Producers

President of non-profit partnership “the Guild of Book Workers”



Vice-president of the Russian Book Union


President of the “National Library Resource” Organization


President of the National Association of Broadcasters


Chairman of the Association of TV and Film Producers


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