October 17, a roundtable discussion at the Small Hall of the State Duma on "Environmental Transport: problems of development and legal regulation"


The roundtable was organized by the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology and the Committee on Transport. Consulting Agency "Rumyantsev and partners" acted as a co-organizer of the event.

Chairman of the roundtable was a State Duma deputy Vladimir Zubarev. The meeting lasted three and a half hours instead of the planned 2 hours, indicating the relevance of the topic, and a genuine interest in it. Speakers included: A.Rahmanov, the Director of Automotive Industry and Agricultural Engineering of Ministry of Industry and Trade, N.Mazikin, the Deputy Head of the Department of Transport and the development of road transport infrastructure in Moscow, A. Pankov, the Chief Executive Director of "Rolf-import", Anna Brendemoen, Deputy Director of the Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Norway, Bernt Jessen, the director of communications and business development of "Motor Group" company, Maxim Osorin, the CEO of REVOLTA, E. Schwartz, the director of WWF-Russia's environmental policy, Vyacheslav Potanin, V.Chikin, a partner of Goltsblat BLP and others.

The reports covered environmental issues in Russia, in particular the damage caused by automobile exhaust and ways to reduce the harmful effects of transport on the environment. Participants discussed and proposed the following solutions: the development of legislation in terms of developing economic incentives for the introduction of environmentally friendly transport and all necessary infrastructures. Particular attention was paid to the foreign experience in the field of state support for environmentally friendly transport, including electric vehicles and cars, bicycles. As a result of the roundtable recommendations for federal, regional and municipal authorities were proposed and discussed.

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