Excerpts from Minutes of the meeting of the Organizing Committee members for GR of Russian Association of Public Relations (RAPR) on April 25, 2011


Time: 10:00-12:00

Location: Moscow, a conference room, "Niccolo M" St. Petrovka, 17, building 2, office 102

The meeting was attended by:

Borev Alexey, Senior Manager of Government Relations and protection markets, Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine

Andrey Degtyarev, Professor of MGIMO (University), "Higher School of Economics."

Zemskaya Julia, Executive Director RAPR

Ivan M. Kostin, the project manager of a consulting agency "Rumyantsev and Partners"

Leyngold Efim I., Vice President of GR Group "Niccolo M"

Mintusov Eugene, the Chairman of the CPC, "Niccolo M", Vice-President of RAPR

Oleg Rumyantsev, the Managing Partner of the consulting agency "Rumyantsev and Partners," President "the Fund of the constitutional reforms"

Pavel Tolstikh, the Director of the Center for the Study of interaction between business and government.

The meeting participants discussed issues and made the following decisions:

1. On approval of the Chairman and Executive Secretary of the Committee on GR of RAPR (Russian Association of Public Relations)

According to the voting of the members of the Committee on GR, Oleg Rumyantsev was appointed as the Chairman of the GR Committee of RAPR, and Pavel Tolstikh – the Executive Secretary.

2. To approve the strategic objectives of the Committee on GR of RAPR for 2011-2012.

The Chairman of the GR Committee of RAPR O. Rumyantsev made the report on this issue and after discussions committee has been approved by the following directions:

  • Work on the consolidation of the industry. The interaction with the staff of the leading lobbying firms, GR-departments and divisions of companies, independent lobbyists, GR-managers of the regions in order to consolidate lobbying community in Russia. Coordination with Committees on GR of leading business associations in Russia. Building Committee as an aggregator and the binding structure of the Russian GR-community.
  • Development and approval of a code of ethics of lobbyists / professionals on relations with public authorities and GR-managers in Russia, based on existing codes of ethics RASO, IPRA, a code of ethics proposed by V.A. Lepekhin, the provisions of Russia Transparency Initiative and other documents.
  • To create offices of the Committee – so-called GR-clubs in schools and universities in regions in cooperation with industry associations.
  • Activities aimed at the creating of self-regulating organization of lobbyists.
  • Participation in the process of adaption and promotion of the federal lobbying law on the regulation of lobbying activities in accord to the Initiative of the President in the fight against corruption.

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