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RP Presentation 2023

Rumyantsev & Partners Consulting Agency (R&P Agency) is an established and well-known corporate affairs and government relations company (est. 2008) with a vast experience in the Russian Government Relations & Government Affairs services market.

The primary objective of the R&P Agency is to render an efficient GR support to Russian and foreign companies as well as to business associations implementing their projects in Russia, Eurasian Economic Union and European Union.

R&P provides consultancy in the sphere of strategic communication and regulatory affairs related to business development issues with key decision makers, as well as non-financial risk management issues.

The main lines of activity of the Agency include strategic communication support of business and cultural projects involving an efficient interaction with Stakeholders from federal, regional and municipal authorities, regional, professional and expert communities, as well as with the community and public opinion leaders.

Among the clients of R&P Agency in 2008-2015 were/are:

  • Industrial leaders Mitsubishi Motors, Renault, Mars, Kraft Foods, Atria, UralKali, Shtokman Development AG, Russian Venture Company, JTI, RosAtom
  • Media companies TNT/Gazprom Media, Motion Picture Association (Hollywood), Russian Association of Internet Video
  • Legal, Consultancy and Event-organizing firms PWC, Goltsblat BLP, World Trends Forum
  • HoReCa & Trade sector: LOTTE Group, IKEA, Association of Russian Cleaning Companies, Rolf
  • Financial sector: PPF Group
  • and others.

Some of the lobbing campaigns, accomplished by R&P Agency in 2010-2016 include:

  • Development, adoption and implementation of the Russian antipiracy legislation (right-holders protection, balance of interests between creative industries and the Internet industry)
  • National policy on eco transport with measures of state support for the electric vehicles
  • GR communications of tobacco industry with the Russian authorities to find reasonable solutions under the hard conditions of anti-tobacco campaign
  • Active participation in the sphere of regulation of lobbyism in Russia, including organizing regular Russian GR-Congresses, EU-Russia round-table on GR & Lobbying (Paris, 12.12. 2010), cooperation with European partners
  • Campaign to move Russian and Eurasian Economic Union from the regional to international principle of acknowledgment of copyright on trademarks (political acknowledgment and legislative legalization of the so-called “parallel import” principles)
  • Proposals, action plans and steps on restoration of EU-Russia Energy Dialogue and other sectorial dialogues.

The main services of R&P Agency include:

  • Design and implementation of corporate affairs and government relations strategies for specific Client or its Project
  • Representing clients interests with Stakeholders and institutions
  • Top-level meeting organization
  • GR assistance to necessary legislative or regulatory change with relevant balance between Client and Public interests
  • GR support to Client marketing of services and goods, guidance through all steps of market entry
  • Design of strategies and assistance of tactics to align corporate behavior with stakeholder expectations and vice versa
  • Tracking, analysis and advice on legislation and regulatory changes
  • Public policy research and economic analysis and advice
  • Tax and tariffs negotiations with Federal and regional authorities
  • GR assistance to resolution of tax claims and disputes
  • Aid in obtaining licenses and permits, assistance in the elimination or modification of trade barriers
  • Other services within structured and transparent legal GR support to the Client.

The team of the R&P Agency consists of experienced experts in corporate affairs, government relations and strategic communications, led by Oleg Rumyantsev - one of the most professional Russian lobbyists.

Oleg Rumyantsev is currently the President of the Association of Government Relations Specialists "GR-League". He was in state service in 1990-1998, first as Member of Parliament in democratically elected Russian Parliament (1990-1993), where he got an international reputation as the Executive Secretary of the Constitutional Commission and one of prime drafters of the new Russian Constitution. Oleg Rumyantsev is also a member of the Association of Accredited Public Policy Advocates to the European Union.

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